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P2P Stands for Peer-to-Peer

Standardized testing is stressful- regardless of if you're taking the SAT, PSAT, or ACT. Our team of high school students is here to impart their experiences and knowledge to help you get through this process stress-free. These students scored in the top 1% of standardized testing test-takers and have gone through rigorous training to ensure you are in the best hands

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P2P is a non-profit organization, and we are devoted to giving back to our community. To ensure that everyone gets the chance to prepare for these important tests, P2P boot camps are FREE OF CHARGE. Sign up today and reserve your spot for your free tutoring.

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Not everyone in the Bay Area is privileged to have access to the resources necessary to prepare for standardized testing. By accepting all students and making our program free of charge, P2P hopes to help all who are willing to learn. With the help of P2P,  students will be able to achieve their educational dreams. 

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