About Us

Esha Chawla: Founder



Esha Chawla is an incoming freshman at UCLA, and she is the founder of P2P College Prep. After toiling for months on end of practice for her SAT, Esha earned a near-perfect score. She soon came to realize that many others in the Bay Area are not as lucky as her and do not have access to as many resources, putting them at an immediate disadvantage for their higher education. Seeing that her experiences with standardized testing could be put to use, Esha founded this organization in hopes to help those who need it.

Allison Lee: Co-President, Volunteer Tutor (Pleasanton- Foothill)


Allison Lee is an incoming senior at Foothill High School. She has scored in the top 1% of test takers for both the PSAT and SAT, and has one year of experience as a P2P tutor. She is a straight-A student who has always had a desire to help other students achieve success at school. Allison has seen numerous students express the desire to be tutored, but were unable to due to financial reasons. For this reason, she is passionate about giving all students the opportunity to succeed academically.

Harshitha Bachina: Co-President, Volunteer Tutor (Pleasanton- Amador)


Harshitha Bachina is an incoming senior at Amador Valley High school. She has completed the SAT back in March and has scored in the top 1% nationwide. Growing up in Pleasanton, Harshitha has been fortunate enough to access extra prep resources. However, she acknowledges that this is not the case for everyone. She realizes that college is a common goal for many and believes that one’s financial background should not be a barrier in achieving that goal. Harshitha hopes that, with her tutoring and lessons, she can guide students in achieving their perfect score.

Allen Seo: Volunteer Tutor (Pleasanton- Foothill)


Allen Seo is an incoming senior at Foothill High School. He took the SAT last year and scored top 1% in both the PSAT and SAT nationally. He knows how hard it is for students without prep resources to study for the exams, and he is happy to help as many students reach their goal score. He wishes to help as many of his peers achieve the scores they want so that they may unlock new opportunities for themselves.

Kaitlyn Sweeney: Volunteer Tutor (Pleasanton- Amador)


Kaitlyn Sweeney is an incoming senior at Amador. She scored in the top 1% for the SAT after weeks of rigorous tutoring and self studying. Kaitlyn knows that not everyone has access to the resources they need to achieve their best possible score. She tutors for P2P tutoring because she hopes to give students who cannot afford expensive tutors an equal chance at their goal SAT score. She has tutored high school students in math and science and is excited to continue to help others learn.

Sruthi Kalavacherla: Volunteer Tutor (Pleasanton- Amador)


Sruthi Kalavacherla is a senior at Amador Valley High School who scored in the 99th+ percentile on the SAT as a sophomore. Sruthi had access to a rigorous prep course, and she wants to extend what she has learned to those who don't have the same time or resources. Sruthi has a special interest in helping people improve their Reading and Writing section scores as she knows many find it difficult to improve in these areas. She knows that the SAT is a key component in completing a successful college application and wants to help those in her community achieve this success.

Simmy Mukherjee: Social Media + Website Developer (Pleasanton- Amador)


Simmy Mukherjee is an incoming junior at Amador Valley High School. She is currently preparing for the SAT and  understands how stressful and tedious the process is. After pointlessly wasting thousands of dollars on expensive materials and programs, she realized that many aren’t as lucky as she is. She knows that everyone deserves to reach their ideal score and doesn’t think finances should impede that goal. She hopes to help others improve their scores in any way she can.